The 21st State to Pass Permitless Carry

Texas Permitless / constitutional Carry

Texas HB 1927 - Permitless carry

Soon to pass Texas HB 1927 will allow for permitless carry of handguns in the state of Texas. This is also often referred to as constitutional carry. Once passed, it would allow a person 21 years or older and meets the additional eligibility requirements to carry a handgun either concealed or openly in a holster without a permit. Continue below for complete eligibility requirements.

Texas is the 21st state to pass constitutional carry and it will go into affect September 1st, 2021. With the passage of permitless carry in Texas, the License to Carry program does not go away. In fact, Texas has added additional legal protections and advantages to individuals carrying with a Texas LTC.

Whether you decide to get a Texas LTC or not, it is your responsibility to know the law and carry your gun safely. There are many different classes to choose from in order to educate yourself. Between online permitless carry classes and the online LTC class, or the multitude of available in-person classes, there is no shortage of options.

Benefits of having a Texas LTC

Firearm Training

Texas License to Carry Class

Lean about Texas law and gun ownership. This Texas DPS approved online course is the 1st step to obtain your carry license. Receive the added protections of carrying a gun with an LTC!

Permitless Carry Class - Coming Soon

Even with permitless/constitutional carry, it is still your responsibility to know the law. Learn about Texas law and your responsibilities as a gun owner in Texas.

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How does Texas Permitless Carry affect me?

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